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Auto Pilot Program

Our ProductsIf you’d like your postcards or newsletters sent out automatically, enroll in our autopilot program. We design two new postcards and two new newsletters each month for you to send. Once you’ve approved your proof and have given us your database, your involvement is minimal.

Auto Pilot Perks:

  • Customize your mailing schedule (monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly etc.)
  • Choose ANY product you want to send (Postcards, Newsletters, Greeting Cards)
  • NO CONTRACT. Start and stop when you want.
  • Create and stick to your budget.
  • Just sign up and we do all the work!

Here is how it works:

  • You will receive an email each month featuring the 4 new products for the next month.
  • You can download and read the newsletters, and view the front and back text of the postcards.
  • If you have any changes to your order (a different card or newsletter, canceling that month), just reply back to the email.
  • The product is mailed/shipped out at the same time each month. If we do the mailing for you, we make sure to add you to the database. This way you know when you receive your product - your clients did too! For the mailing/shipping dates, click here

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