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12 Month Mailing Program

Our Products If you have made the commitment to keep in touch with your database every month, you are eligible to receive our deepest discounts on your marketing!

Simply sign up for the type of mailing (like a postcard or newsletter campaign), commit to a quantity range (i.e. 200-499), and save BIG! Savings average $0.10 per piece. With a database size of 300, that's an annual savings of $360.

12 Month Mailing Perks:

  • Consistent delivery of your marketing to your database.
  • You customize your marketing campaign.
  • Choose ANY product category you want to send (postcards or newsletters)
  • Easily stick to your budget.
  • SAVE BIG! A database of 300 can save you $360 annually
  • Just sign up and we do all the work!

Here is how it works:

  • You choose 12 products (either all postcards or all newsletters) you want to send for the next 12 months.
  • We send you a proof that will be used on all of your products for the next 12 months (please let us know if your information changes).
  • Upon approval, we automatically send out your customized marketing campaign.
  • The product is mailed out at the same time each month. Since we do the mailing for you, we make sure to add you to the database. This way you know when you receive your product - your clients did too! For the mailing dates, click here.
  • You enjoy increased repeat, referral and new business – automatically.

Important Note:
Client agrees in event of cancellation of the 12 time monthly mailing commitment (or reduction of 200 or more pieces per month), client shall pay the difference between regular price and Monthly Commitment Price on all mailings completed under this contract thus far, plus a $50 cancellation fee.

Please contact Customer Service if you have additional questions. Email to sales@intouchtoday.com or call us at 800-433-3755.

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