Low Cost Solutions

Database Maintenance - let us make it easier!

Take the fear out of managing massive, or even medium sized databases and mailings. With In Touch Today, your task is as easy as pushing a button. We’re experts at maintaining your important client lists; and we have a strict, Guaranteed Policy of total client confidentiality. There’s no better way to manage your time - and your results - than through In Touch Today database services.

In Touch Today Database Maintenance programs are highly effective and equally cost effective. They function as your fulltime virtual staff. See our special pricing packages here.

Or, if you would like to maintain your own database, click here for your "economy member" database requirements.

Database Member

Subscribers to the In Touch Today Database Maintenance service receive completed database maintenance monthly and there is NO file submission fee. (Generally, a $10 per file submission fee is charged for each mailing.)

Database Maintenance subscribers can access these benefits:

  • Adding new closed loans
  • Changing or deleting addresses
  • Removing duplicates
  • Keeping database USPS compliant
  • Emailing you your database upon request
  • Sending you mailing labels ($10 charge)
  • Maintaining up to 5 separate databases included in the $45 monthly fee. ($10 extra for each database over five.)

Economy Member

If you would like to maintain your own database, In Touch Today charges a $10 database submission fee for each database you send to use for your mailing. Simply export your list from your database program into a plain text file and email it to data@intouchtoday.com.

For database help click here

Automatic Address Updates

We compare your mailing list(s) to the Post Office Change of Address database prior to mailing. If the name and address matches a Change of Address request filed with the Post Office in the last 18 months that address will now be updated prior to mailing and the piece will be automatically mailed to that new address. You don't have to wait to receive the returned mail from the Post Office, update your database and send the new address or changes to us in order to contact your clients that have recently moved. It is all done for you before the piece of mail is even sent. We also will send any new address information to you so you can update your mailing list. If you are a Database Maintenance client, we will also update the address in the database we have on file for you.

We will need a signed services agreement choosing one of these options (including credit card or corporate billing information) before we can begin mailing. This contract is cancelable at any time as long as it's prior to that month's mailing deadline. To have a contract emailed or faxed to you, or for more information, email info@intouchtoday.com or call 1-800-433-3755.

Reminder - Please remove Social Security numbers from all files and documents prior to forwarding your data to us.