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See our Selection of Conforming Loan Limit Postcards Below:

Are you a mortgage professional who wants to take advantage of a huge market? Consider those affected by conforming loan limits. The government recently passed an economic stimulus package which includes an increase in the conforming loan (and FHA loan) limits based on 2008 levels. According to the National Association of Realtors, under the legislation, loan limits in high-cost areas are increased to $729,750, the same as 2008. Many families should now be able to enter the housing market in high-cost areas of the country, and a large number of jumbo loan borrowers should now be able to refinance to lower monthly payments. Whether you send these postcards to prospects looking at higher-priced homes or to your current clients now in jumbo loans, act now!

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Postcard CON001-M

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Text on Front: New & Improved FHA Mortgage! Now MORE home COSTS LESS!

Text on Back: What do the new FHA loan limits mean to you? Since the limits have been increased, you can buy a larger home and finance it at a lower interest rate. And with an FHA loan you can put as little as 3% down. If you have been waiting for the right time to buy your dream home, this program, along with our current low rates and reasonable property costs, indicate the time may be now. This FHA package has been extended through December 2010, so call me today!

Text on Front: LIMITED TIME ONLY! Refinance your jumbo loan for less!

Text on Back: Would you like to save hundreds on your mortgage payment each month? Now you can! New conforming loan limits will allow many jumbo loan mortgages to be refinanced into lower rate conforming loans. To find out if your loan qualifies and discuss your refinance options, give me a call today. The limits have been extended through December 2010, so the time to act is now!

Text on Front: THE TIME TO BUY IS NOW! New conforming loan limits extended!

Text on Back: If your dream home is priced at less than 125% of your area's median home price, your mortgage will now be considered a conforming loan. What does this mean to you? A lower interest rate! Conforming loans commonly have rates as much as 1.25 points lower than jumbo loans - and that adds up to big savings. Want to learn more about the loan limits in your area? Give me a call today.

Postcard CON005-M

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Postcard CON006-M

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Text on Front: Time has been added... on the increase in conforming loan limits.

Text on Back: Waiting for the right time to purchase that dream home? Have a jumbo mortgage and want to refinance at a lower rate? Act now to save! The loan limits for conforming loans have been increased, and you could save hundreds of dollars as a result. If you'd like to learn more, give me a call and request a FREE brochure outlining how these new limits could impact you.

Text on Front: Happy days are here again - New loan limits mean money in YOUR bank!

Text on Back: Money may not buy happiness, but having more in the bank can certainly contribute to your peace of mind. If you'd like to pay less on your mortgage and more into your savings or investments each month, while owning your dream home, I can help. Conforming loan limits have been increased, allowing first-time buyers and refinancers otherwise requiring jumbo loans to get into a lower rate. Give me a call today to learn more.