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Where Do I Start?

☐ Step 1: Create or Clean up Your Database
You are in one of two positions; you don't currently have a database or you have one that may need some updating. Either way, here are some easy tips to consider when creating or cleaning up your database. Your database is, after all, the backbone to your success. It needs to be in tip top shape before you begin any marketing program.

☐ Step 2: Start Contacting Your Past Clients
Your past clients are the gold of your business. These people have worked with you before and trust you (assuming you did a great job). You MUST keep in touch with this group regularly. Why? Statistics show that 93% percent of purchasers are satisfied with the professional they used, but only 11% will buy from them again - because they don't remember their name. It is as simple as that. Another reason to keep in touch is, they may not be ready to work with you right away but their friends or family may... and if you stay in touch they will remember your name and have your info ready to refer you. Start here and keep in contact with your past clients consistently. Here are some ideas:

☐ Step 3: Consider Prospecting a Niche
Are you passionate about a certain target market? Do you love helping first time homebuyers? Are you partial to the senior citizen population? If so, let them know! Become the expert in your area and begin building trust. Remember that prospecting doesn't have the same return as marketing to your past clients because they don't know you yet - so don't give up! Here are some niche markets you might want to consider:

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☐ Step 4: Build Referral Relationships
Top producers interviewed on Top Producer Strategies have stated that 54% of their business comes from their referral sources. If you aren't building strong referral relationships, you could be missing out on over half your business! Here are a few ideas to help you grow your referral source business:

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☐ Step 5: Supplement for More Profit
Once you are consistently contacting your past clients, prospecting a niche market, and building relationships with referral sources, you may want to begin marketing in non-traditional ways. Here are a few ideas to get you started!