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How to Establish a Corporate Affiliate Relationship

Setting up a corporate Affiliate Relationship is easy - just follow these four steps!


Compile your Contact List

Find Human Resource administrators to present your information to. Begin by asking your current clients if they have someone they could refer you to in their corporation. Alternatively, or in addition, purchase a list of administrators in your area. Any reputable list company could provide such a list. Send them postcards and be sure to follow up with a phone call to set an appointment.


Set a Date!

Set an appointment with the Human Resources manager to present the Corporate Affinity Package to them. Create your own presentation or purchase one of ours and customize to your needs. Be sure to present your proposed marketing materials in the presentation.


Devise a Plan

Create or purchase marketing materials to educate the employees on the benefits and notify them of upcoming Lunch ‘n Learns planned for their company. Educate employees with informative Brochures on topics like:

    • Buying
• Selling
• Mortgages
• Investing
• Building
  And provide PowerPoint Seminars to conduct Lunch ‘n Learns, on topics like:
    • Mortgages- How They Really Work
• Understanding (and improving) Your Credit Score
• Sell Your Home Yourself
• Real Estate Investment- Everything You Need To Know

Keep in Touch!

Keep In Touch!! If the employees don’t remember you, they can’t use you. Once you get in the door, stay in the door, by continuing to provide value and reminding both the HR manager and the employees you are there for them. Send them birthday cards, holiday cards, emails about loan products and interest rates, valuable newsletters and postcards and educate, educate, educate.